This infused sea salt sampler box makes the perfect gift!


100% all-natural 'Pure Ocean' Brazilian certified organic fine sea salt with Matthew's own blend of herbs and spices to make your ordinary meal extra-ordinary! This flavorful box set includes one ounce samples of the following:


Garlic & Herb (infused with garlic and herbs) potatoes, vegetables, chicken, seafood, pork, beef and more!

Steak & Chops (infused with garlic, herbs and pepper) beef, steaks, pork, chicken, vegetables and more!

Ginger (infused with ginger) pork, chicken, vegetables, desserts, bartenders, seafood and more!

Chocolate (infused with cocoa and a hint of sugar) desserts, bartenders, pork, chicken, fancy coffee drinks...

Balsamic (infused with reduced aged balsamic vinegar) vegetables, poultry, beef, vegetables and more!

Chipotlé (infused with chipotle peppers) beef, pork, poultry, seafood, desserts, vegetables and more!

Hot Pink (infused with chilis and peppers) beef, pork, poultry, vegetables, desserts, seafood and more!

Margarita (infused with lime juice) chicken, pork, corn chips, bartenders, desserts, beef, seafood and more!

Black Truffle (infused with black truffles) potatoes, vegetables, poultry and more!

Merlot (infused with merlot wine) beef, pork, desserts, vegetables, bartenders, poultry and more!

Bloody Mary (infused with horseradish, garlic and chipotle) fish, poultry, pork, bartenders, vegetables...

Pinot Grigio (infused with pinot grigio wine) fish, poultry, vegetables, desserts, bartenders and more!

*Flavors may vary slightly from the list above.



12-ounce Sea Salt Sampler

  • Excellent for seasoning fish and seafood, pork, poultry beef and vegetable. Ideal as a finishing salt on seafood, pork, chicken, sushi, and desserts.

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