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After selecting your Meal Plan, within 48 hours, Chef Matthew May will coordinate a date/time to contact you to discuss your diet and nutrition needs. He will ask about food allergies and intolerances, likes and dislikes other members of your family, and your ultimate goal for choosing his meal prep service. Chef Matthew will then create a menu based on your information given to the diet and nutrition assessment. *A date and time for meal delivery will be confirmed at the same time you approve the menu. Meal deliveries are available Monday-Thursday.



3 entrees-4 portions of each

3 side dishes-4 portions of each

3 vegetables-4portions of each



4 entrees-4 portions of each

4 side dishes-4portions of each

4 vegetables-4 portions of each



4 entrees-6 portions of each

4 side dishes-6 portions of each

4 vegetables-6 portions of each


Heating/freezing/thawing instructions will be included. Any seafood dishes MUST be frozen immediately or heated and eaten within two days of meal delivery. You understand and assume all liability and responsibilities of ensuring the food stays safe and in a controlled refrigerated environment of below 41°F and reheated to a minimum internal temperature of at least 165°F. Any leftovers must be cooled, stored and reheated in the same manner as above, but only one time. Do not reheat any leftover foods more than once. Any leftover food already reheated once must be discarded.

Meal Prep Packages