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Matthew May's Teaching Kitchen

Dinner at the Chef's Table Virginia Beach

Matthew May's Handcrafted Sea Salts

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Virginia Beach, VA

This is a two-part learning dinner that takes place on Thursday January 9th and Thursday January 23rd.   Your name will be added to the registration list for both dates.

You will be viewing and discussing the Documentary "The Secret" while Matthew prepares and serves three delicious courses and flavorful wines. This is not a cooking class, but rather a spiritual learning experience in which we will all share our personal stories. Bring paper and pen, as you will want to take notes during the documentary. Matthew will stop the documentary periodically throughout the evening for discussion.



Pan -Seared Shrimp/Citrus Butter

Garlic & Herb Sea Salted Cast Iron Seared Filet Mignon

Vanilla Bean Creme Brulleé

Wine and soft drinks are offered throughout the evening

"Dinner and Documentary" January 9th & 23rd @ The Cosmopolitan #1213