This private 1-on-1 class is for anyone who wants to step up their culinary game in the kitchen.  We will target your weaknesses and give you the confidence you need in the kitchen.  We can focus on food science, sous vide cooking, salt block cooking, different cooking techniques, knife skills, food safety and sanitation and more!  These private classes are primarily geared towards the savory side of the kitchen, and has very limited baking options available.  This series of classes will be for a total of six private classes, based on your availability and convenience.  You will make your menu choices below for your first private class.  While at each class, we will plan the menu for your next class based on the skills and techniques you wish to learn as well as confirm the date for your next class.   

Virginia Beach Town Center 

at The Cosmopolitan Apartments

4544 Columbus Street, Virginia Beach VA 23462 - Suite #1213

Park in the Blue Parking Garage.

Enter the Cosmopolitan on Columbus Street.

IMPORTANT: dial 620 from the entry keypad on the left side as you enter. Chef Matthew will 'buzz' you in. Take the elevator to the 12th floor and walk your way around to #1213.

Matthew's philosophy of cooking is simple. 

Cook with a happy heart, with a pure spirit, and with the best intention.  Your food will feel it, your guests will feel it, and the universe will feel it.